Superfood Grains List

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Wheat grains can be considered as a superfood, but they cannot be consumed by those who are gluten-allergic. There are other two grains that can be considered as superfood because they are highly nutritious and also gluten-free. These superfoods are easily available in supplement stores near me. 


Superfood Grains

Amaranth bites popularly known as ‘Rajgira’ were initially grown and harvested by the Aztec and Inca tribes in South and Central America. Amaranth is cultivated as a grain crop and has huge health benefits. In the U.S, the amaranth grain is found in health stores. It is known as the wonder millet as it has a wide spectrum of nutrients. It can be called a superfood too. It is a gluten free snack that is also a rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fats and fibers. These help you build your immunity and fight inflammation.

The Beneficial Attributes Of Amaranth:

  • It is a high source of protein: This grain has an unusually high amount of protein which is essential for building muscle mass, aiding in hormone balance, helping in digestion and supporting neurological function. It is also a good source bioavailable protein.
  • Reduces inflammation: A leaky gut syndrome, inflammation, arthritis and fibromyalgia result due to the buildup of toxins in the body. These toxins cause the immune system to become overactive resulting in inflammation. The anti-inflammatory grain inhibited the inflammation and also provides a natural treatment for arthritis
  • Lowers Cholesterol: Amaranth grains decrease the Low Density Cholesterol by 30% or more. The fiber rich grain helps in frequency of bowel movements. The fiber also binds the cholesterol and is excreted from the body. This process triggers the liver to produce more bile using the stored cholesterol in the body thereby reducing the overall cholesterol level.
  • It helps fights diabetes
  • Amaranth also aides in digestion
  • It helps in weight loss and hence is a super diet food
  • Beneficial for pregnant women
  • This is an excellent grain for those who are gluten allergic. 

How To Include Amaranth Bites In Your Diet: 

Sugar cravings are the worst enemies of weight loss. Most of the time we give in to those cravings by popping in biscuits and pastries loaded with sugar. Amaranth bites are a healthy way to bust your sweet cravings. These can be consumed as snacks or can be consumed as breakfast foods. Replace your processed foods by these decadent Amaranth bites.


Superfood Grains

Quinoa is an excellent gluten-free pseudo grain that is high in protein. It is a top gluten free diet food that can be eaten sprouted or cooked. It has small seeds that can be eaten after the bitter coating is removed. It is full of nutrients and comes in various varieties such as white, red, ivory and black. 

Benefits of Quinoa

  • Good for people with celiac disease
  • It can be eaten as a substitute for grains as it is gluten-free.
  • Protein rich foods
  • Contains twice as much as fiber as compared to other grains
  • Contains iron and lysine
  • Contains high amounts of riboflavin and manganese.

How to include Quinoa in your diet?

It can be eaten like couscous and rice. It comes in the form of mustard-sized seeds that need to be cooked whole. They can be eaten as a tasty side dish with some dressing or as a salad. It can also be turned into flour and used to make bread, cakes, etc.

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