Review of the World’s Healthest Foods by Dr. Michael E. Gerber

world's healthiest foods

With a new eBook, readers can now find out what the world’s healthiest foods are. The book explains that food is one of the keystones of our society. When people don’t eat healthy, they can suffer from many medical problems, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases.

Dr. Michael Allen and Lori Allen promise readers that by eating only the healthiest foods, they can enjoy a long and happy life. With their new eBook, they do just that. They offer readers tips on how to eat healthier, which includes learning what the world’s healthiest foods are. They also explain the difference between junk food and healthy foods, as well as the benefits of eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. In addition, they share their own personal eating habits and how they have managed to maintain a vibrant health, including avoiding or overcoming chronic migraines, high blood pressure, and stress. They even provide a list of seven “must have” superfoods, which they say can make a major impact on your overall health and well being.

An Overview

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One of the “must have” foods, according to the book, is Acai berry. This exotic berry can give you a boost of energy, improve your mood, lower your stress levels, and increase your overall stamina. Another “must have” healthy food is Lucuma sagrada, which is a passion fruit that offers a wide range of health benefits. Fruits such as grapes, pears, plums, and cranberries are also included in this comprehensive list of healthy fruits and vegetables. In addition, this colorful cookbook provides a unique rating system by determining the healthiness of each vegetable based on its color.

A third of the book focuses on whole grains, which include brown rice, barley, quinoa, and oat bran. It is easy to make these whole grains available, and many foods from plant sources like corn, peas, and beans are easily found. You will also find several recipes that use whole grains. The author also highlights the variety of delicious ethnic cuisines available that use a variety of whole grains. Some of these include: Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Portuguese.

World’s Healthiest Food Facts

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A fourth aspect of this thoroughly researched and written book is the chapter devoted to whole foods and nutrition. This section provides a complete listing of nutrient values for 100 of the most common foods in the United States. In addition, this section provides a nutrient breakdown for five different food groups, and a dietary comparison chart. While most foods come with a basic nutrient value, many others, especially those in the vitamin C category, are higher in vitamin C than commonly sold foods.

Another valuable chapter focuses on a unique food reference system developed by the author. The Food Guide Pyramid is modeled after the system used by the USDA, and the author bases her chapter on the Food Guide Pyramid. Foods from each group, ranging from lowest to highest, are listed in order of their percentage in the pyramid. Most foods in the vitamin C group (the one with the orange and yellow stripes) are rated as good sources of vitamin C, while most foods in the meat and fish categories are rated as good sources of vitamin A. The authors explain that the food guide pyramid is a great tool for educating people about healthy eating, but it is not enough to make healthy eating decisions.

The fifth and final chapter looks at the nutritional value of ready-to-eat foods. The author examines ready-to-eat foods, as well as frozen and canned foods, and lists the nutrient content for each of them. She concludes the book with a chapter on choosing ready-to-eat (RTV) foods, which provides some guidance for choosing these foods. The nutritional value of TV foods is presented in a table of nutrient value, and the book concludes with a short recommendation on how readers can increase their daily nutrition through a variety of foods.

Bottom Line

The book contains numerous references for expanding the reader’s nutritional knowledge, such as a list of nutrient-rich foods and the Food Pyramid. It also contains a glossary of medical terms, which provides a handy reference when looking up words that might not be familiar. The index is informative and thorough, and the book could be easily read in one sitting. Recommended for individuals, couples and groups, The World’s Healthiest Foods is a helpful guide to eating better and living healthier. Knowing what foods provide the most nutrients, as well as those that contain the least amounts of nutrients, will allow anyone to lead a healthier life. Although this book does address some controversial issues regarding nutrition, such as the benefits of fast food and the dangers of processed foods, the message it sends is one of good health, with plenty of delicious, nutrient-rich foods to enjoy.

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