How Beneficial Are Banana as Fruit

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Banana comes from the family of the plant named Musa and is the native of Southeast Asia. Mostly, you will find bananas grown in the warmer areas of the world. There are a lot of vitamins and nutrients available from Banana, knowing which you can be amazed.

Let’s see in detail as to what exact proteins and vitamins are available from Banana.

Nutrition Data From Banana

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There is no point in eating the fruit if you are not getting the excellent benefits you require. Let us see the benefits that you can get based on the 100 gms consumption.

You can gain up to 89 calories from 100 gms of Banana. 75% of water is present in Banana which gives 1.1 gms of protein and 12.2 gms of sugar.

Fibers Present in Banana

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A good portion of the starch is present in the unripe bananas, which is the starch, and it does pass through your gut undigested. This starch forms butyrate in the body with the help of bacteria, and sometimes it is beneficial for gut health.

Banana does contain a particular type of fiber called pectin. This pectin is water-soluble and is suitable for health. When the bananas ripen, the water-soluble packing increases, and hence they turn soft and the sugar level of the soft banana increases.

Vitamins and Minerals

  • A banana gives you all kind of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C
  • One medium size of Banana can provide 33% of the daily value of the vitamin B6
  • Bananas support the heart patient and lowers the blood pressure and is suitable for the heart.
  • There are a lot of acids and antioxidants which are beneficial for the body. The antioxidants maintain the hemoglobin in the body, which keeps you away from several diseases.

Disadvantage of Banana

The most significant disadvantage of eating Banana is, it increases the sugar. If the heart patient has sugar, it might not be suitable for him to have the Banana. You need to consult an expert before consuming it in case you are having any health issues. Suppose you eat more ripened fruit, the sugar level increases.

You cannot store bananas for a more extended period. It ripens so fast, and you need to consume them immediately within the day. Keeping them for a more extended period might damage it and is not suitable for your health.

The cost of bananas is increasing day by day. This is a non-seasonal product and is available in all seasons.


There are a lot of advantages and benefits of eating bananas, and you might get a lot of vitamins from them. But unlike the apples, you cannot have a banana in excess. This might result in increasing your body sugar.

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