Choosing Diabetic Foods in Supermarkets

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There are many types of diabetic foods in supermarkets. The subject is so big that it is almost a subject for a lifetime. In essence, we have to be careful with what we eat as far as our blood sugar levels are concerned. We need to watch out and make sure that the diabetic foods in supermarkets are those which do not cause any harm to our diabetic condition. It is important that we know what foods are good for us and those that are not so that we can manage our blood glucose levels better.

How to Choose Diabetic Foods in Supermarkets

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Sugar free foods are not necessarily bad for diabetic conditions. In some instances, it is the sugar levels in foods that cause our blood sugar levels to rise dangerously. The sugar in such foods tend to cling to the walls of blood vessels causing hypertension and even heart disease. On the other hand, the refined grains, pasta and fruits and vegetables in supermarkets are absolutely necessary for diabetic nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of fiber which is very beneficial for diabetic patients. The fiber content in diabetic foods helps us to feel full faster. Fiber provides our bodies with the bulk needed for carrying nutrients throughout the day. Without enough bulk, we run the risk of getting constipated. That leads to frequent urination which can result in dehydration and further complications. If constipation is a regular occurrence, it can lead to hard stools which can lead to colon cancer.

Refined flour is also not recommended for diabetic foods in supermarkets. Many brands claim that their products contain all natural ingredients but the truth is that most of them are nothing more than processed flour. Such processed flour tend to lack dietary fiber, essential nutrients and most importantly, sugar. This sugar goes into our body in the form of fat which is stored mostly in our belly, thighs and hips. As a result, our blood sugar level tend to shoot up making us susceptible to many diseases including diabetes.

Sugar intake should be carefully monitored especially in case of children. Diabetic diets should strictly be planned according to the amount of sugar to be avoided. For an average diabetic, the amount of sugar that he/she should take in the food daily is about 70gms. Anything over this amount can cause our blood sugar level to go up which is very dangerous for our health.

As mentioned above, diabetic foods in supermarkets are mainly starchy foods. We need to be careful with such items because they are easily converted to sugar once they enter our body. This can lead to severe sugar spikes even without us noticing it. Thus, we should avoid breads and other white or sugary carbohydrates as much as possible.

Vegetables are another category of good diabetic foods in supermarkets. A variety of such vegetables can help us maintain a healthy weight and at the same time prevent us from experiencing any spikes in our blood sugar level. Along with fruits, vegetables are also important for maintaining a good diabetic diet. But before buying, always remember to read the labels.

If you want to eat out at a restaurant, make sure you know the diabetic foods in the menu. Some restaurant may use breading for meats which can be very harmful for diabetics. Such restaurants should inform you about this so that you don’t end up eating breading. Eating out in a restaurant or anywhere for that matter should always be carefully planned according to the diabetic diet.

Lastly, dairy products are also a great source of nutrition for diabetics. Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, yogurt etc. are a great source of proteins and calcium for building strong bones and teeth. They can also help control blood sugar levels and thus will help keep a diabetic well.

But the most important thing to keep in mind while shopping is not to go for high-sugar, high-fat or fried food. It is very easy to get tempted especially when there are so many tempting food options around. But the thing is, if you have diabetes, you have to stay away from such foods. Otherwise, it can have severe complications.

End Note

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Diabetic foods in supermarkets are something we should all embrace as part of our diabetic diet. They will not only ensure our life and health but will also contribute towards keeping us fit and healthy. So if you feel like you’re missing something from your diabetic menu, just go ahead and look for a good diabetic food online store where you can get these foods at more reasonable prices and even free delivery.

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