Best Food Supplements For Kids

best food supplements

Most of us have the misunderstanding of thinking that a food supplement is never required for healthy kids. No matter what the health status of your kid is, they will always need a proper dose of adequate nutrients. Kids should get the vitamins from a healthy diet that will include dairy products, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, chicken, fish, and meat. Not only that, but you can also incorporate whole grains and brown rice into their diet

Which Kids Need Food Supplements? 

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Some specific kids will need special treatment when it comes to vitamin supplements. If you are a working mother and you do not have time to cook food, you cannot guarantee that your kid is getting proper nutrition. Therefore pediatricians will recommend a daily dose of multivitamin and mineral supplements for all the kids who are

  • They do not have a proper diet and well-balanced meals on their plate every day. 
  • Fussy eaters who do not eat enough even though they are given a proper meal.
  • Kids who eat a lot of fast food and junk food along with processed foods
  • Kids with medical conditions that can be chronic like digestive problems and asthma-make sure that you talk to the doctor before starting any supplement so that it doesn’t react with the medication.
  • Kids who have an addiction to carbonated soda can lead to a deficiency in vitamins and minerals.
  • Kids who are on a vegan diet need a proper iron supplement and a calcium supplement. 

Nutrient deficiency most commonly seen in kids

Vitamin A

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This is a particular vitamin required for the growth and development of the baby and for tissue and bone repair. They should be able to have healthy skin and eyes along with good you no response. You will be able to get vitamin d from yellow-orange vegetables like carrots and squash. Not to forget a daily dose of cheese, eggs, and milk every day.  

Vitamin B

Vitamin b is not a single nutrient that completes the family of b vitamins, and it helps with metabolism and energy production in the body. It will also lead to a good cardiovascular and circulatory system so that the overall body functioning is perfect. You can have citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, and green vegetables like broccoli to eliminate the deficiency. 


We all know that calcium helps build strong bones, and some good sources incorporate cheese, milk, tofu, and yogurt. It will help in building the bones in the body as the child grows. 


An iron supplement is essential for the growth of healthy red blood corpuscles. There can be a risk of losing iron in the adolescence stage, especially when girls start their menstruation. It is possible to get a lot of iron from beef and other red meat and vegetables like spinach and beans. 


If you have large doses of vitamins, remember that all of it is not going to be a good idea for children. Most of the fat-soluble vitamins can be poisonous if you give an overdose of them to the kids. Also, you should give a limited amount of iron because too much of a good thing is not good. 


Now that you know about the various food supplements you can give your kids, start them right away. But before that talked to a proper doctor who knows exactly what your child lacks

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